Chrissy Teigen’s ‘World Famous T***y Biscuit’s’ Receive Some Hilarious Reactions

Hey, her biscuits are down there man.

Does your mouth ever water when you watch cooking shows like Barefoot Contessa or 30 Minute Meals? Well if you saw the dough-rolling-hack Chrissy Teigen posted over the weekend, you might be drooling for a whole different reason.

The supermodel mom is not only known for her beauty and her humor, she is a great chef too. Her website CravingsByChrissyTeigen features dozens of fun recipes that all look delicious. Well one recipe you won’t find on her website (although I really hope she puts it in her next cookbook) is her “World Famous Titty Biscuits.” On Twitter, Teigen shared a video where she is rolling out biscuit dough with a wine bottle and let’s just say the blouse she is wearing highlights her biscuits perfectly. Biscuits which have recently been reduced by the way. Teigen took to social media in June to share the news that she would be removing her breast implants to improve her quality of life.

Leave it to Twitter to come up with some priceless reactions to the video of course. Some haters chimed in but we can only assume it’s out of jealousy as they just wish their biscuits were as fluffy as Teigen’s. The rest of the comments were pure comedy. Take a look at some of the funniest.

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