After Taking A ‘Break’ From The Spotlight, Heidi Montag Is… Back In The Spotlight.

I never thought I’d say this, but we haven’t seen or heard from Heidi Montag much lately. Well, get out of your comfy chairs, because she’s back. She tells US that her departure from the public eye was a self-imposed one.

“I needed a break after such a crazy six years of my life … And [from] being in L.A. and Hollywood… I’ve been with my puppies and my husband. It’s low-key.”

Not only was the break self-imposed, it was temporary. So while she wasn’t on red-carpets or getting surgeries, it wasn’t exactly like she was leaving the scene forever. She has been taping a reality show for VH1 called ‘Famous Food.’

“We started a restaurant from scratch. There’s seven celebrities…We have to find wallpaper and decorate it, and [find] a menu — and I found the chef!”

Good for you! Montag was joined by some other ‘celebrities’ who all put the place together, and in the end, the ‘winner’ will become a partner in the restaurant with the true owners. The celebs include Montag, former Bachelor Jake Pavelka, Jersey Housewife Danielle Staub and Eliot Spitzer callgirl Ashley Dupree (who has since been ‘writing’ an advice column for the New York Post.)

Montag does appear to be taking a new, healthier approach to life, going a little less over the top in her appearance (aside from the over the top elements that are surgically inside her.) She claims to have regrets about the multiple surgeries.

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