SNEAK PEEK: Pixar’s Next Plan Is To Steal Your Heart With A Blue Umbrella

In what is possibly the shortest, most teasiest clip ever, Pixar is giving a sneak peek (I'm not kidding!) at an animated short that will precede their upcoming film Monsters University. It's called "The Blue Umbrella," and just like they did with their Desk Lamp logo character, they'll make you suddenly care about an inanimate object that's not so inanimate.

COOL VIDEO: Behind The Sounds Of The Avengers.

Sound Designer Christopher Boyes goes 'behind the masks' to explain the incredible superhero sounds from The Avengers. From the resonant sound of Captain America's shield to the distinct sound from a movement of Thor's hammer being picked up, dropped down or thrown - and the amazing combination of voices that ended up being the screams of The Hulk.

VIDEO: After Closing, Books Come Alive

This took CRAZY amounts of work. Like, so much work I can’t begin to imagine even considering it. Through stop motion, Toronto filmmakers using stop motion photography moved each and every book, hour after hour, in the dead of night to create a magical place where books come alive.

2011 Summer Movie Preview!

The season of big movies has begun! Here's a look at some of the big ones movie fans are waiting for this summer ... along with their movie trailers. It's going to be a great season in the cineplex!