Tik Tok User Perfectly Recreated Epic Cheer-Off From ‘Bring It On’ All By Herself

Need a new Tik Tok obsession? It’s already been broughten.

The classic 2000 film Bring It On has been forever etched into pop culture history for it’s countless hilarious quips, it’s gif-worthy content and it’s unforgettable cheers. I mean I know whenever the thermostat drops below 68 degrees I immediately have to yell out “brr it’s cold in here, there must be some Toros in the atmosphere.” Well, 20 years later and the film is still making waves as evident by a now viral TikTok made by user @mailamoore1.

Maila, a cheerleader herself, took to the video sharing app to recreate the epic scene where the Clovers confront the Toros for stealing their cheer routines. In the film, Isis (Gabrielle Union) and her East Compton Clovers head to a Toros game to let Torrance (Kirsten Dunst) know that routine theft will not be tolerated. And when you’re a cheerleader you can’t simply instruct a rival squad not to cheat, you must cheer it. Obviously. In the original scene,  six Toros and four Clovers face off but Maila uses the multiplying filter on TikTok to do bad all by her damn self and it is so damn good!

Check out both Maila’s recreation and the original scene so you can see how awesome this TikTok truly is!


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