SNEAK PEEK: Pixar’s Next Plan Is To Steal Your Heart With A Blue Umbrella

In what is possibly the shortest, most teasiest clip ever, Pixar is giving a sneak peek (I'm not kidding!) at an animated short that will precede their upcoming film Monsters University. It's called "The Blue Umbrella," and just like they did with their Desk Lamp logo character, they'll make you suddenly care about an inanimate object that's not so inanimate.

MOVIE PREVIEW: The Monsters Inc. Prequel Looks FUN!

File this under WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG? Pixar and Disney look like they have another winner with Monsters University. It's been 12 years since the first one! John Goodman and Billy Crystal are back, and so is the gorgeous animation and signature wit that makes Pixar films so special. Take a look!

Pixar’s BRAVE Gets a Full Trailer

Pixar is an anomaly. The studio has made a dozen movies, and each one has been better than the last. Okay, okay, maybe CARS 2 wasn't great, but seriously, if that's the worst it'll get, that's pretty damn good! Well now, we have our first real look at Pixar's new movie, BRAVE, and yet again, we have a preview of a beautifully animated film that seems fun, family oriented, and most importantly, something that kids can take a valuable lesson from.

POP Video: One Man Disney Movie

So here’s one for the child inside all of you… Nick Pitera is a Pixar employee and a huge fan of Disney movies/musicals.  Oh...