Ellen DeGeneres Is Swimming Toward The FINDING NEMO Sequel!

Ellen DeGeneres has joined talks for FINDING NEMO 2, as pixar intends to get the sequel afloat by 2016.

Get ready, because your favorite memory-impaired fishy will be swimming her way back to theaters very soon!

Worst Previews is reporting that Disney/Pixar is now in talks with Ellen DeGeneres to have her reprise her role as Dory  in their upcoming FINDING NEMO 2!

Original NEMO director Andrew Stanton is already attached to return to the director’s chair while Victoria Strouse has been tapped to write the script for a 2016 release.

The original FINDING NEMO was a colossal hit for Pixar,  bringing in $868 million dollars worldwide.  It is set for a 3D re-release in  September.

Until 2016, I will just have to rewatch scenes from the original to tide me over.  I suggest you join me and take a look at the wonderful clips below.

Just keep swimming…just keep swimming…

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