Burger King Twitter featuredMore people are talking about Burger King that usual today – after a hacker changed the twitter name to McDonalds, joked about employees doing drugs, and posted links to a hip-hop group. Read the bizarre tweets here.

In the course of little over an hour, the unauthorized user tweeted about 16 times, beginning by saying that the chain had been sold to McDonalds. The hacker also gave shoutouts to friends (that seems a little stupid) and linked to a music video for the hip hop group’s song Trust. They also posted a stock photo of a man injecting himself with something, cracking that the image represented what happens in a Burger King bathroom.

The account was quickly suspended.

The tweets can be seen below. (NOTE: the ‘N’ and ‘F’ and ‘B’ words have been obscured, and links to other users on this image are not active. The below image is a screengrab strictly of the BK tweets – not their followers.)

Remember – twitter reads from the bottom up… the chronology of these tweets begins at the bottom of the image. Burger King Tweets