The Strange Ways Of Amanda Bynes

As if to give Lindsay Lohan a run for her money, Amanda Bynes has been steadily tweeting more and more odd photos and propositions lately. Today, a busty self portrait. Are we witnessing a celebrity's meltdown in real time?

Lindsay Lohan’s “Liz And Dick” Performance, As Reviewed By Twitter Users.

It's shaping up to be a big night for Lifetime. For Lohan? Hard to say. But if you're looking for witty commentary, look no further than the rude, snarky, hilarious, and yes, sometimes supportive comments on twitter. Here are some of the best and worst zingers. I'll be updating this post regularly with the latest tweets.

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Jon Bon Jovi Is Not Dead.

An untrue news release announcing the death of Jon Bon Jovi went wild online today, and before you know it, Bon Jovi had joined the ranks of celebrities who've been inaccurately pronounced dead on Twitter. Here's what the first 'news release' said, and other stars who got falsely killed off on the web.

Colin Quinn’s Comedic Jabs At Will Ferrell Turn Into A Series Of Bizarre Tweet Rants

It was the war that wasn't (or was it?) - a series of jabs against Will Ferrell, unleashed by fellow SNL alum Colin Quinn on Twitter went viral. Before you know it, the Hollywood Reporter was reporting the swipes, and people started wondering if maybe Quinn was seriously jealous. Then Quinn went into strange stream of rants about his career.

Chaz Bono Sent Home From Dancing With The Stars

After a chaotic Monday night on ABC's Dancing with the Stars that found pro castmember Maksim Chmerkovskiy sounding off on the judges, it came close to being a close race for elimination. But in the end, it was Chaz Bono who ended up leaving the competition show.

VIDEO: Grandma Reads Snooki’s Tweets

Nothing puts this crazy world into perspective quite like the realization that it all exists on the same planet as your grandmother, and that she has to co-exist with this kind of nuttiness. Behold, this funny oral reading of Snooki's tweets by a cute old grandma.

The Problem With Lindsay Lohan’s Sponsored Tweets.

Lindsay Lohan has become somewhat notorious for taking money in exchange for tweets recommending a service or product. Now she's under fire for tweeting in support of a finance company that many consider unscrupulous. As Lohan's paid tweets go, sometimes it's on the level, but sometimes the lines are blurry. Here's what she's done, what she's doing, and why until things change, no one wins in the hazy world of celebrities and sponsored tweets.