This Cat’s Scowl Would Give ‘Grumpy Cat’ A Run For Her Money

She is most certainly not a-mew-sed.

The internet loves cats. Doesn’t matter if they’re big cats or little cats. Fat cats or short cats. Cats that jump at the sight of a cucumber or cats that barely move at all. Angry cats became such a phenomena that the viral cat star, “Grumpy Cat” practically became a household name!  So you can imagine the excitement when a new, permanently angry cat joined Instagram and started sharing some of the fiercest scowls ever seen.

Floridian kitty, Kitzia, lives with her owner Viktoriia Otdielnova who created an Instagram to showcase her pet’s extreme case of the grumps. Since creating the account in April 2018, Kitzia has amassed almost 50,000 followers with fans freaking out over the curmudgeon cat’s permanent scowl. The original “Grumpy Cat” aka Tartar Sauce passed away in May 2019 and fans are wondering if “Grumpy Kitzia” will be the next to hold the title. One follower commented “new and improved grumpy cat 😹😂😹.” Another related to Kitzia and said “This cat truly is my spirit animal.” One person who apparently sees too many smiles in a day commented “I need this cat in my life.”

To follow Kitzia’s grumpy adventures click here!

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