TV Cops Create Challenge To Raise Money For The National Bail Fund Network

The policing problem here in the United States has finally reached a boiling point and people around the world are up in arms.

Amongst the protesters are a number of entertainers who are using their platform to raise money and awareness for those who have been impacted most by the social injustices. Griffin Newman, star of The Tick and co-host of the Blank Check podcast started a new challenge to inspire his peers to help fund raise. In a tweet, Newman shared that he played a cop for a few episodes of Blue Bloods and has donated $11,000 to the Community Justice Exchange to help those who have been detained from the protests. He asks other fictional cops to act as the heroes we so desperately need and donate as well.

Stephanie Beatriz who plays cop Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine saw the tweet and decided to take action as well. She donated $11,000 to the Emergency Release Fund and shared a tweet asking for more tv cops to donate.

After Beatriz’s donation, co-star Melissa Fumero shared that the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and show runner Dan Goor has made a $100,000 donation to the National Bail Fund Network. She also shared her support of the protests and hopes others will donate as well.

There are plenty of organizations that could benefit from a donation so if you’d like to join the heroic actions, click on any of the links above and donate today!

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