VIRAL: Cat Takes Its Kitten Back From Toddler

Maternal instinct is stronger than any stubborn toddler. Watch as this little Russian girl insists on holding a kitten, only to have mama cat make her opinions known. No one gets hurt. (Although the person videotaping this could use a smack for letting this happen in the first place.)

AWWW VIDEO: Kitten Meets Hedgehog

This cute kitten and adorable hedgehog have teamed up to become a viral sensation together. (Because cute animals always go viral.) They're meeting for the first time.

POP Goes Wild: Kitten Plays With An Ipad.

There's an app called Koi Pond, which recreates, well, a koi pond for your iPad and/or iPhone. When you see the fish and touch the 'water,' it splishes and splashes around, even vibrating the unit when you touch it just right. This is clearly having a profound affect on this cat, who is totally wigging out about it all. Wouldn't you?

VIDEO: Cat Endures Trampoline Ride With Enthusiastic Child.

Before you get all worried about the cat, remember that cats are nature's NO BULL$HiT animal. They literally will not do what they don't want to do. That includes being throttled around on a trampoline while a child wildly leaps into the air. Now enjoy watching this funny video as the cat is willingly lobbed around.