Supermodel Christie Brinkley had a difficult morning today. She appearaed on NBC’s Today Show to talk about her upcoming run in the Broadway musical Chicago. But when the topic veered toward her painful divorce, Brinkley eventually broke down. (Scroll down for the video.)

Brinkley has been involved in a bitter batter with her onetime husband Peter Cook since 2008. Hard to believe the drama has been going on for four years now. (You may remember Cook was cheating on her with a much younger woman that he began wooing when she was just seventeen.

Brinkley has kept pretty quiet about the troubled marriage for years, but when the topic came up almost instantly, she didn’t hold back. Somewhere you can imagine a publicist is have an equally momentous freakout. (The most painful part of the breakdown comes in the last minute of the interview.)

After the interview took this emotional turn, cue the awkward moment – they were out of time! Lauer invited Brinkley to come back for an interview solely about her upcoming Broadway run.

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Here’s the full interview:


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