Thanks For Watching Me On The Wendy Williams Show!

If you're visiting the site because you saw the show, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

If you’re visiting the site because you saw me on The Wendy Williams Show, the show, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I can’t tell you how much fun it is appearing onĀ Wendy! I’ve done it a handful of times now, and I have to tell you, I am always as excited as a little kid at Christmas. I have to pinch myself – I can’t believe I’m there, and getting to be around such wonderful people.

The show is always a total party, Wendy is awesome, and the live audience is always having a blast! (And the behind the scenes team is truly fantastic and fun!)

I’m also thrilled when I hear from people who watched the show all over the country. I hope you’ll stay in touch with me! I love hearing from you! If you wanna stay in touch with pop culture news and more, follow me! (I’m reasonable with the tweets and updates… just occasional blasts of what you need to stay in the know! (And yes, pictures of my dog “Friday” – who I’m pretty obsessed with.)

For a little more info about me and what I do… here’s my BIO!

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Thanks for watching – and clicking!

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