VIDEO: Guy Does Something REALLY Stupid With Ceiling Fan

This guy, who ironically goes by the YouTube handle Stuntman89, is about to do something really really stupid involving this fan. It will hurt. He will tell you so. Fortunately, his accompanying narration ensures us that not only does he end up okay, but he has learned a valuable lesson. Kinda.

VIDEO: Del Monte Merges David Hasselhoff With A Popsicle, Creates “The Hoffsicle.”

How this is supposed to make you like Del Monte I'm not quite sure. It might actually have the opposite effect. In any case. The fruit/novelty food people you loved for bananas (they're the third largest supplier of 'em) has gone bananas, making a popsicle shaped like David Hasselhoff and photographed him eating it, essentially making David Hasselhoff eat himself.