Dolphin CombWhat an amazing video! You know how when you flick your finger along a comb it makes a high pitched clicking noise? And you know how dolphins make a high pitched clicking noise? This guy at Sea World used a comb against the glass of the tank, and the dolphins came right over!

Read below for more of an explanation.

Writes weirdiosity, the uploader, when the video was first put up last year:

This video was taken by my son, Chase Adams during a trip to Sea World last July. My nephew Rob was showing us how to call the dolphins… The clicking noise that was produced when the comb was strummed seemed to get their attention. One more than the others. We were told that the dolphins at Sea World are very well taken care of. All wild dolphins are returned to the sea after rehabilitation from injuries or illness. The life long residence are there because they were born in captivity or too sick to be released and would die very quickly on their own. Thanks for the (nice) comments and up votes.

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