POP Goes Wild

WHO KNEW?!? VIDEO: Man Calls Dolphins By Clicking His Comb

What an amazing video! You know how when you flick your finger along a comb it makes a high pitched clicking noise? And you know how dolphins make a high pitched clicking noise? This guy at Sea World used a comb against the glass of the tank, and the dolphins came right over!

VIRAL: Dogs VS Sprinklers!

On these hot summer days, it's hard to revert to your ten-year-old self and just go to town with your garden hose! Fortunately for dogs, they never really grow up, and are happy to frolic, growl, and chop at hoses and sprinklers! This video has gone viral - because what's more unbridled that a dog that's obsessed with something?

WATCH: Raccoon Versus Garden Hose

I for one am completely stumped how we humans, who are suckers for anything cute, have failed to domesticate the raccoon yet. It's probably because they would destroy our houses, or scratch our eyes in our sleep or something, but this raccoon with a water hose is pretty cute.