Actor Gerard Depardieu Took a Bathroom Break on a Plane…and Not in the Bathroom…

Well, this apparently happened…

An airline passenger is claiming her Paris-to-Dublin flight was delayed nearly two hours after French actor Gerard Depardieu urinated on the plane ahead of takeoff.

According to MSNBC, France’s Europe-1 radio aired an interview with the passenger, identified only as Daniele.  The girl claimed that Depardieu appeared drunk, yelling, “‘I need to piss, I need to piss.” When the crew tried to calm him down, “he stood up and did it (urinated) on the ground.”

A spokeswoman for City Jet confirmed the incident had taken place, but spokeswoman Karen Gillo said today that privacy issues prevented her from naming the passenger, who was escorted off the plane along with his two traveling companions and their luggage.

Calls for Depardieu’s reps from MSNBC were not returned at the time of this posting.

Okay then…

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