AMC Confirms THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Imax Previews!

Last week, we reported that a few minuets of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES may be coming to Imax screens near you in front of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL.  Well now, we have official confirmation!

According to Worst Previews, AMC Theatres has confirmed the rumor today, saying that the opening scene will be shown in front of M:I 4 when it is released in December.  The only catch is that it will only be shown on 70mm IMAX screens and not on the digital IMAX ones, thus limiting the release to big cities and making it more exclusive.

AMC Theaters has since taken down this confirmation, possibly at the request of the studio.  Back in 2007, a six minute opening sequence from THE DARK KNIGHT was shown on IMAX screens in front of  AM LEGEND. And if you need to figure out if your local Imax is 70mm or Digital, check out this handy dandy site, right here!


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