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Whitney Houston’s Family Opens Up To Oprah

Oprah Winfrey’s long awaited interview with the family of the late Whitney Houston aired Sunday night on OWN. Winfrey spoke to Houston’s longtime manager and sister-in-law, Patricia Houston; her older brother, Gary; and her daughter, 19 year old Bobbi Kristina Brown. WInfrey was at her best, balancing empathy with tough questions.



Oprah Winfrey’s long awaited interview with the family of the late Whitney Houston aired Sunday night on OWN. Winfrey spoke to Houston’s longtime manager and sister-in-law, Patricia Houston; her older brother, Gary; and her daughter, 19 year old Bobbi Kristina Brown.

The most insightful aspect of the special was with Pat Houston, who showed remarkable clarity and honesty about Whitney and her demons. When asked about the first warning signs that Whitney was in trouble, Pat pointed out “The end of the 90s.”

Winfrey was in top form, balancing empathy with tough questions, specifically when it came to Whitney’s relationship to ex-husband Bobby, Whitney’s drug abuse, and the specifics of what happened the night she died.

Unlike so many who have leaned towards blaming ex-husband Bobby, Pat said that she herself got along with Bobby quite well, and that she refused to blame Bobby for introducing Whitney to drugs. She said they seemed to get along well, but it was difficult to have a healthy relationship with both of their lives being so publicly scrutinized.

“There was always so much outside interference … You’re talking about two people who started out in the business very, very young,” said Pat.

She also was open about the attempts to get Whitney off drugs, insisting that as her manager, she saw nearly every part of Whitney’s journey, the good and the bad… and during those bad times she often tried to get her help.

“Without a doubt … In 2003, 2004, I had spoken to Bobby’s mother…We were always trying, but the choice was always theirs, and hers.”

Ultimately, she admitted that Whitney losing her life to drug use in some ways seemed inevitable.

“The handwriting was kind of on the wall. I would be kidding myself to say otherwise.”

Pat also spoke about the evening of February 11th, when Whitney died in her Beverly Hill hotel room. Pat was on her way there in the moments that Whitney was found.

“I hear screams. I kept walking very slow. A woman opened her door and said, ‘Is everything all right?’ I said ‘Dial 911.'” But she didn’t know why she said that … I knew something was wrong. I didn’t know what. I was just numb. I walked … I turn the corner, Mary’s at the door and she’s screaming, ‘Oh my god.’ I told her to stop. ‘Calm down, please.'”

Pat got to the room.

“I saw my brother Ray (Whitney’s bodyguard and brother-in-law) trying to revive her to the point of exhaustion. The paramedics were coming in at that point. I said, ‘Ray, let it go.'” … He was so out of breath. I felt so badly for him.”

At that moment, she said that Whitney, who was found face-down in the tub moments earlier, now lay on the floor, and looked peaceful. Her daughter Bobbi Kristina was down the hall, unaware of the events taking place.

Now, Pat says, “I always will stand for her, because that’s what she would have wanted.”

As for Whitney now? Says Pat, “She’s at peace. There are no more struggles. She doesn’t have to struggle with certain decisions. God’s got it. She’s got the ultimate protector – someone that she believed in, I mean truly believed in.”

Daughter Bobbi Kristina appeared in the first initial minutes of the program for an impromptu interview while everyone was still standing – she said that she’s “doing good… doing as good as I possibly can.”

Bobbi Kristina is currently staying at Whitney’s home, with her aunt Pat checking in daily, living nearby.

She also says she feels her mother every day, even in things that happen around the house.

“Lights turn on and off and I’m like, ‘Mom, what are you doing?’ I can still laugh with her and still talk to her.” She says she plans to sing and act and dance, and carry on her mother’s legacy.

Whitney’s brother Ray spoke of Cissy Houston, Whitney’s mother, saying “It’s hard for her. The gift came through her.”

Oprah said that she had spoken to Cissy as recently as the day before to ask how she was doing, and Cissy told her “sometimes I’m not doing,” but she also referred to the scandal surrounding the leaked photo of Whitney Houston lying in her casket. Cissy says that she is not angry, but Ray and Pat acknowledged their disappointment that the photo was leaked and printed in a tabloid.

Both Pat and Ray sat together to share their reflections on Whitney’s passing. Both of them felt that although they will miss her terribly, they had found some closure, thanks to their many special moments with her.

Both of them, though, shared genuine sadness for Whitney’s mom Cissy, who remains tortured by her passing. Ray acknowledged though, that it seems Cissy had known all along that Whitney’s life may be cut short. He says that Cissy had often told him, “Whitney’s not gonna be with us too long… she’s an angel, she’s a gift.”

Pat felt peace in the many moments they’ve had along Whitney’s legendary career, but again thought back to Cissy: “If I could bring her back just for her mother to have closure, that’s what I would want for her mom… she wanted to see her so badly, and the pain that she’s feeling right now, because she didn’t make it to her.”

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Amber Riley Performs Beautiful Tribute To Naya Rivera On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’




Whenever Amber Riley and Naya Rivera combined their insurmountable talents on the hit show Glee there was an almost tangible magic that left fans in awe of the powerhouse duo. Playing Mercedes Jones and Santana Lopez respectively, the two characters may not have always seen eye to eye but when they joined you knew you were in for a memorable performance. It is sad to think that we will never get another “River Deep, Mountain High” or “The Boy Is Mine” moment after Rivera’s passing last month but there is something special in knowing Riley will carry the torch for her fallen costar forever.

On Thursday night introduced by guest-host Lil Rel, Riley virtually appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!  to perform a new song from her EP entitled “A Moment” which was dedicated to Rivera. “Not too long ago we both lost a really amazing friend in a tragic accident and we both will miss her forever,” said Lil Rel. The performance is displayed in black and white and features Riley singing in front of a montage of photos of her former co-star. It is truly stunning.

Check out the tribute below.

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You Will Have Hearts In Your Eyes When You See Cardi B’s New Hair Do



Wait till you see her WAP (Wonderfully Artistic Pigtails)

Cardi B has never shied away from a bold look and her latest hair do is proof of that.

The 27-year-old “WAP” singer…song of the year IMO…took to Instagram Tuesday night to show off her pink, heart-shaped pigtails and people are loving the look. In the short video Cardi asks fans if they would “go to the club with your hair like this” and I think we can all agree that this look would definitely turn heads at the clurb.

The artistic hair do was crafted by Cardi’s long time longtime stylist Tokyo Stylez and took at least three hours to complete. Fans commented about how beautiful the unique hairstyle is but questioned how the rapper was going to sleep that night. Let’s hope those pigtails can be twisted off and be thrown on the nightstand.

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Check It Out, Joe Jonas Has Shocked His Fans With His New Look



I’m a sucker for his new do.

It doesn’t matter if you are more of a “Nick” or a “Kevin” or a “Joe” when it comes to loving the Jonas Brothers. All that matters is that you all agree with me that Joe is obviously the most attractive of the three brothers and that’s just a fact. I’m sorry but I don’t make the rules.

The 31-year old stunned fans today earlier today when he debuted a shocking new look on his Instagram. Sporting a black t-shirt and those signature dark, furry-Murray eyebrows, Joe flashed his new platinum blond buzzcut. I know I might be in the minority here but I do love when these Hollywood hotties switch it up and do the blond thing. I loved it on Adam Levine. I loved it on Zac Efron. I even found myself oddly drawn to the OG platinum stud, James Michael Tyler aka Gunther from Friends.

Credit: Instagram

Perhaps the new do is a part of Joe’s daddy-makeover as he and his wife, Sophie Turner, recently welcomed their first child, Willa. A source told ET “Sophie and Joe have named their daughter Willa. The couple’s bond has gotten even stronger since the addition of their daughter. Although circumstances are different right now because of the [coronavirus] pandemic, Joe was there for the birth of his daughter. The couple is happy they now have time to spend at home with their daughter and get used to their new life together.”

Be still my heart.

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