Be prepared to witness pure evil.

At last night’s Texas Rangers-New York Yankees game, Rangers outfielder Mitch Moreland tossed a foul ball into the stands in the eighth inning. The ball looked like it was intended for a very cute young kid, but instead, it was snatched up by an adult next to him.

Within the next few seconds, the smiling child started crying hysterically as the oblivious man gave the ball to his girlfriend.  As the child’s parents tried to comfort their little boy, the couple obliviously continued to take pictures on their cell phones, completely ignoring him!

Luckily, someone in the Rangers dugout saw what was going on, and tossed the kid a brand new baseball.

The kid’s face lit up with one of the most genuine smiles you will ever see.  The couple, on the other hand, continued to make out like idiots.  The rest of the country looked on in disgust.

Watch all of the bizarre action here.  Let us know if you’ve ever seen anything so horrible at a baseball game.