Jackie Chan Will Retire From Action Movies, Says There May Be RUSH HOUR 4 In “Five or Ten Years”

Jackie Chan is apparently done with action movies for good!

Jackie Chan is apparently done with action movies for good!

Speaking at a Cannes press conference for his latest film, CHINESE ZODIAC, Friday (which also happened to be his 100th movie), Chan said that the film will be his final action flick:

“This will be my last action movie…I will ask my body how long I can go…I tell you, I am not young any more.”

The 54-year-old legend says that one of the reasons pushing him to gracefully exit is the extreme content that’s all over film and television today:

“The world is too violent now…It’s a dilemma because I like action, but I don’t like the violence.”

But on a more personal note, Chan says that despite all his success, he wants to try and take on more serious, dramatic roles to show audiences the “real Jackie Chan”:

“I don’t just want to be an action star, I want to be a true actor…I want to be an Asian Robert De Niro. I want to get rid of my image. So, for the last ten years I’ve done other films like The Karate Kid, where I’d rather play an old man. I want the audience to know I’m not just about fighting or comedy, also I can act.”

So would there ever be a RUSH HOUR 4?  Maybe a long, long while down the road…

“I don’t want it to happen at this moment…Probably another five or ten years. There will be a RUSH HOUR 4 boom, we’re coming back! And at that time I might retire. Us being old guys might make it a more interesting story. But at this moment I don’t think it’s something I want to do.”

Even when he’s talking about returning to that franchise, he’s thinking about a deeper story instead of the same old stuff!

If this is the route that Chan wants to go, then good for him.  The man has become a living legend, and after so many years of entertaining audiences in one way, he’s definitely deserved the right to show us what he can do with a bit of drama.

And admit it…he really did bring THE KARATE KID to an entirely new level…


During a press conference for “Chinese Zodiac” at the Cannes Film Festival, Jackie Chan was asked about his upcoming films. The actor replied: “In the future I’ll still do ‘Karate Kid 2,’ ‘Rush Hour 4’…”

Chan has already revealed that “Chinese Zodiac” is his last action film. He will now focus more on acting rather than stunt-work. And while he hopes to return for “Karate Kid 2” and “Rush Hour 4,” there is a good chance that his martial arts skills will be talked about rather than performed.



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