Box Office Review: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Wins Yet Again While THE WATCH Bombs

Steven Panzarella breaks down this weeks box office results which include another win for The Dark Knight.

While the Bat Man is still king, the Watch Men fall flat on their faces…here is your weekend box office recap!

Since THE AVENGERS, everyone has wondered how THE DARK KNIGHT RISES would fare at the box office. It’s first week was nearly as big as expected, with Warner Bros taking in $160 million dollars. And while audience numbers dropped about 60% in its second weekend, TDKR still proved to be a colossal hit, taking in an additional $64 million dollars, and bringing its 10 day domestic haul to $289 million dollars (That’s only about half of the film’s worldwide take of $537 million.Those numbers puts TDKR at number three on the list for highest 10-day total, right behind THE DARK KNIGHT ($313.7M) and THE AVENGERS ($373M), and from the looks of it, the final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s Batman universe may just reach the $1 billion mark after all (THE DARK KNIGHT made $75 million in it’s second weekend and went on to gross just over 1 billion dollars.)

As for the two national released films that came out this weekend, Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn’s new alien invasion comedy, THE WATCH, failed big time at the box office, bringing in a dismal $13.5 million dollars on a $68 million budget. STEP UP REVOLUTION 3D (which is basically the new BRING IT ON franchise, as far as I’m concerned) took in even less, with $11.8 million, but at least that was only on a $33 million budget. STEP UP has a chance to eventually break even…THE WATCH…not as much.

As for next week, we have the highly anticipated remake of TOTAL RECALL, starring not Ah-nuld, but Colin Farell, Jessica Beil and Kate Beckinsale, as well as the newest entry in the Wimpy Kid series, DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS.

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