Life On Mars Part 2-The Twihards Showed Early and The Many Costumes of Comic-Con.

Steven Panzarella Gives those twihards the credit they deserve, and shows off some of the pictures he took.

Give the Twilight fans some credit, they don’t care how long they have to wait in line. Twilight fans, or “Twihards” as they have been dubbed, were on the line for Hall H since Sunday and for that they have my respect. I will keep my feelings on the actual films to myself, it is hard to not be impressed with how die-hard they really are. They show up for one thing and one thing only and nothing else during the week matters as much. As soon as the panel ended thousands of seats opened up for Disney and Expendables fans to get in and catch what they wanted. I can respect a group that is that into what they love, and after days and days of waiting they actually go home and take a nap. The sad aspect of all this is during the week a women was rushing into line and got hit by a car, it was something that put a bit of a damper on the pre-gamers and had many walking around with heavy hearts as the festivities began.

Now instead of writing a whole lot more about the actual rest of the day, I will let you take a cool look at the a number of great costumes I saw during day 1.  For the news and notes of the day including information on what I saw during the Disney panel, follow me on twitter @StevePanzarella.

Enjoy the many faces and looks of the 2012 San Diego Comic Con.












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