INDEPENDENCE DAY Sequels Get Titles and 3D

Check out the titles for Roland Emmerichs INDEPENDENCE DAY sequels.

Ever since INDEPENDENCE DAY was released in 1996 and was deemed an absolute hit, fans have been wondering if we would ever see a sequel. Well now, it’s becoming official, and we even have our titles!

After about a year or so of director Roland Emmerich hinting at a second ID4, we are not getting one, but two back-to-back sequels!

WorstPreviews is reporting that the films, aptly titled ID FOREVER PART 1 and ID FOREVER PART 2, will be shot back to back and converted to 3D in post production.

No details have been given about the plot or if any of the original cast will be returning, but producer Dean Devlin said that he and Emmerich watched the original film a little while ago and realized how much “love” there was, and he wants to instill the same feeling into the next two entries.  (By the same feeling, I hope they mean filled with alien butt kicking action, but I could be getting the message wrong…)

So the question is…what do you think of the idea of two more INDEPENDENCE DAY films?

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