POP SNAPSHOT: Yes, The Pic Of Martha Flipping Trump The Bird Is Real

Martha Stewart doesn’t care what we think, and she’s funny. And that’s what we love about her.

Over the wekend, an instagrammer with the handle newlin777 (aka Newlin Tillotson) was innocently snapping a photo of two of Andres Serrano’s portraits of Donald Trump and Snoop Dogg at the Frieze art fair in New York. Apparently Martha Stewart was also there enjoying the work, and without so much as a ‘can I get a photo’, Stewart walked into the shot and posed for the photo that sent the internet reeling.

Martha’s stance is not a surprising one. Stewart knows both of them well. She currently has an evening talk slash cooking show with Snoop on VH1 called “Martha and Snoop’s Pot Luch Dinner Party.”They get along well. And, you’ll recall, Stewart had her own version of The Apprentice, which of course Trump had to talk smack about because as a hobby he enjoys bragging that his work outperforms another person’s. So I imagine there’s no love lost between them.

Stewart hasn’t said a peep about the moment on twitter, although she HAS posted a beautiful shot of the lilacs growing on her farm. (They’re as plentiful and gorgeous as you might imagine.)

Lots of folks thought perhaps the shot was photoshopped, with someone standing in her place and putting Martha’s head on the body, but it is actually the real deal.

I have spent a bit of time with Martha one-on-one, in her office and at her studios when she had a talk show, and then shared a car with her and a driver once for a ride across town. It’s a long story I’ll tell you one day. 😉 No, I did not take a picture. It would have been tacky at the time, but damn I wish I had one!