Five Stories From Behind The Scenes Of The Goodnight Darlings’ New Video “Carousel”

Take a spectacular spin on this eye popping ride - then read how it all came together.
Today marks the debut of The Goodnight Darlings’ music video for the infectiously catchy “Carousel.” And to ring in the event, lead singer Kat  Auster of the electronic-post-punk power duo talks about how she and Wilson Jaramillo created their dream video with the help of some of the biggest artists in the music business.
Here’s the video, and then her behind the scenes stories in her own words!

by Kat Auster.

Secret 1 – On this “Carousel” we are celebrating the up and down ride of Life & Love. Each room on the Carousel was thoughtfully designed to depict parts of our lives, seasons, and colors. If you look closer in the OFFICE scene, we are wearing handmade outfits designed out of THE FINANCIAL TIMES, created by the very talented Sentell McDonald– who you would have seen on this year’s PROJECT RUNWAY.  It was a physical depiction of not being able to escape the news this year!

Secret 2 – Well, you see two Darlings featured in the video- but as you know, it takes a village! Carousel was recorded at Studio G. This super cool Brooklyn spot has been home to Iggy Pop, the Black Keys, and Tom Waits.
 And although Carousel has been described as a cheerfully addictive dancey rock song, we had some real heavy hitting musicians playing on the track. Tony Maimone produced Carousel and even played some keys on it. He was a member of legendary punk band Pere Ubu, listed in Rolling Stone as having one of the top Punk albums of all time. He’s also played bass for They Might Be Giants, and Frank Black (The Pixies).
 Joe Tomino is a world renowned drummer with his band Dub Trio, as well as touring with Matisyahu.  And, as if it wasn’t enough that he shreds on his guitar, Wilson also played bass on Carousel!

Secret 3 – Don’t quit your day job. Because you might meet Ethan Tobman!
 Because of my day job managing a real estate office, I met the magical Ethan Tobman who designs for Madonna, Ok Go, and won MTV’s VMA Video of the Year with Beyonce’s Formation.  Tobman sold his  apartment with a broker I work with, and heard I was a musician. He (fortunately) fell in love with Carousel and gifted us a music video treatment. The video you see now is based on his original concept. This generous touch from someone we truly artistically admire has been joyous and inspiring. I’m tickled pink being one degree away from Madonna, since watching her early videos was the reason I wanted to make them in the first place!

Secret 4 – We went door to door to raise the money for the film budget in my hometown of Miami, FL! We knocked on doors over the summer, singing the song with an acoustic guitar. In spite of the heat, some slammed doors, mosquitos, and barking dogs– we earned $1500 towards our budget.

Secret 5 – The FUN of being New Yorkers filming in LA!
Our Director Zane was bubbly, and effusive, and I feel that the vibrant colors in the video are indicative of his bold fun spirit. He is also the one that insisted I were shorts, which I rarely do, mostly always being covered by my fave shiny black pants on NY streets..
Also, I wanted massive amounts of glitter around me on set. Our PHENOMENAL make up artist Annie Tagge had the biggest collection I have ever seen, since she had just worked with Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) who has a similar inclination to the shiny bits. Annie also put a special Egyptian wax on my shins for extra highlight.
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