TRAILER: Issa Rae Gives Regina Hall A Good Ol’ Spanking In Hilarious Trailer For ‘Little’

Remember when you were a little kid and you wished so badly to be an adult? Then you became an adult and discovered that half of your paycheck goes to taxes, there’s nothing good on tv after 10pm and your inherited male pattern baldness begins at age 24…I want to be a kid again. Well in the upcoming film Little, Regina Hall gets turned into a child a la Tom Hanks in Big, and the result is quite hilarious.

Hall plays a mean executive whose irrational behavior is the bane of her assistant’s existence. That assistant is played by the hilarious Issa Rae by the way. Things go awry every when Hall bullies the wrong kid and *poof* wakes up the next morning as a child herself (played by Marsai Martin.) Rae becomes a parent overnight and comedy magic is created. SHE WHOOPS HER BOSS’S BEHIND IN A PARKING LOT! That’s enough to get my ticket.

There’s no official release date as of yet but you can check out the hilarious trailer below!

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