Diana Ross To Receive Her First Grammy

Diana Ross has been nominated for a Grammy Award at least a dozen times... but has never won. POP goes The Week has learned that Ross herself had been tortured by the losing streak, and was hoping to eventually be honored with a lifetime achieve award.That day will come this February.

Ricky Gervais Back as Golden Globes Host!

I guess that all the attention that last year’s Golden Globes got was worth the controversy, because it has been officially announced that Ricky Gervais will be back for the third year in a row!

FUNNY VIDEO: Will Ferrell Receives Mark Twain Comedy Award. Will Ferrell Drops and Breaks Mark Twain Comedy Award.

Only Will Ferrell would think of this! In a funny acceptance of the prestigious Mark Twain Comedy Prize, Ferrell drops and broke the award. Of course, it's staged, as you'll see, but part of Ferrell's gift is that even the things you know he's doing on purpose still manage to be funny.