What appears to be an ad for “The Ab Hancer” has been going viral on the web for a few weeks now. Sure, it’s pretty hysterical (and wrong)- But does it exist?

While the ad certainly looks like a legit low-end product, an internet search shows that while the image itself has made lots of rounds on the web, something’s a little fishy…

  • -This is the only shot ever seen online. On no sites do you see a different angle of the packaging, another side of the ‘box’ or any other advertising/marketing materials.

-Purchasing information is never listed for the product. How could a product getting this much buzz have no purchasing info?

-The product name has no trademark indication on the box.

-The web address www.abhancer.com leads to nowhere.

-The ‘product’ is not available on shopping aggregator sites like Google Shopping or even Amazon, which has pretty much everything.

My verdict? A funny person should have given himself some credit on the box … because this is just a clever parody. That said, if you’ve been looking for a shortcut this summer… consider yourself inspired!