Real Or Not Real? The Ab-Hancer.

What appears to be an ad for “The Ab Hancer” has been going viral on the web for a few weeks now. Sure, it’s pretty hysterical (and wrong)- But does it exist?

While the ad certainly looks like a legit low-end product, an internet search shows that while the image itself has made lots of rounds on the web, something’s a little fishy…

  • -This is the only shot ever seen online. On no sites do you see a different angle of the packaging, another side of the ‘box’ or any other advertising/marketing materials.

-Purchasing information is never listed for the product. How could a product getting this much buzz have no purchasing info?

-The product name has no trademark indication on the box.

-The web address leads to nowhere.

-The ‘product’ is not available on shopping aggregator sites like Google Shopping or even Amazon, which has pretty much everything.

My verdict? A funny person should have given himself some credit on the box … because this is just a clever parody. That said, if you’ve been looking for a shortcut this summer… consider yourself inspired!


  1. Estefania you seem just a little bit crazy, it’s just a joke you don’t need to get so worked up about someone trying to have a little fun

  2. That guy was off big brother. Search ‘big brother 6 pack’ and he actually had surgery.

  3. I think I know that handsome yet slightly hairy dude!

  4. Wish I could buy it!!! says:

    I would so buy this for a gag gift…soooo freakin funny I would actually buy two lol

  5. where I buy abs hancer

  6. It is real and super effective. I use it before I hit the beach and have to fight the girls away because they all want to touch my hot body.

  7. Ha ha ha I think estefania is a fake non english speaker having you all on that is brilliant. Hilarious whatever way you look at it.. 😀

  8. From where i can buy it in middle east

  9. Melinda Aldrian says:

    I would buy it as a white elephant gift or stocking stuffer.

  10. Lol, its funny. Even tro I know its a joke there are many people who would buy it and use it. I just think its funny. 🙂

  11. Haha this is funny!, Only because I have a sense of humour! 🙂

  12. FUCK ! I LOVE THIS !

  13. I want one!

  14. Atleast estefania is not a lazy person who do not like to exercise. I guess those who thumbs down are fat assess

  15. Seriously Estefania? The joke about this fake product is that you dont HAVE to lose weight…you just let the rolls crease…

  16. TheGoodFairy says:

    Hysterical. I just saw this, and so wanted to see someone with this on under his (or her) shirt. Someone has a future in marketing! Or at MAD Magazine. And Estefania, take a minute before you read before reacting so strongly.

  17. Yes, Estefania, you are right but get a clue. It’s a JOKE!!!! Not real!!!

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