With HUMAN CENTIPEDE and HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2, director Tom Six has become known as one of the creepiest and craziest directors in this business.  But he ain’t done yet…HUMAN CENTIPEDE: FINAL SEQUENCE is coming, and it’s bringing back both baddies with it.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Six plans to begin filming part III this May for a 2013 release, and he plans to bring back both Dieter Laser as Dr. Josef Heiter, the insane surgeon from the first movie, AND Laurence R. Harvey as Martin Lomax, the deranged parking lot attendant in the sequel.

No word on how that would work, especially since Part II existed outside the realm of the original movie…maybe Lomax goes to visit the actor that played Dr. Heiter?  Maybe he gets transported into the movie?  Or maybe they all just come together and mix it all up, a la WES CRAVEN’S NEW NIGHTMARE?  We’ll see soon enough…

Six has said previously (in one of his many rants against Hollywood folk who thought his films were too disgusting) that FINAL SEQUENCE will make the first two CENTIPEDE entries look like Disney movies.