James Franco to Get SECOND PhD…Will Try to Save the World Next?

I swear, there are either 30 of James Franco running around (that’s him above, sleeping and controlling all of them in his dreams), or the guy is a master at making me feel bad about myself…

To add to a list of activities that includes acting, writing, filmmaking, going to school, teaching a course about himself, and though he’s currently pursuing a PhD in English from Yale, Franco is now officially enrolling in a second doctorate programat the University of Houston.

According to UsMagazine, a spokesperson from the school says:

“James Franco was scheduled to enter the PhD program in Literature and Creative Writing in Fall 2011, but he requested a deferral for an additional year, which the faculty granted, so he is now scheduled to begin doctoral work here in fall 2012.”

Are you friggen kidding me?!?  I have an undergraduate degree.  Franco has an undergraduate degree from UCLA, a MFA degree in writing from Columbia, and has taken filmmaking courses at NYU.  I’m going to go cry in a corner and realize I will never live up to Mr. Franco’s standards.  I suggest you do the same…

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