THE CHAMP Scientifically Proven to Be the Saddest Movie Ever

There are some very sad movies out there…BAMBI, KRAMER VS KRAMER, etc.  Which one would be considered the saddest of them all?

Well now, we have a scientifically proven answer: THE CHAMP.

Two psychology professors in the U.S., James Gross and Robert Levenson, have been working since 1988 to find the perfect sad film clip so they can use it on test subjects in experiments on how sadness affects behaviour. According to all their research, “‘The Champ’ . . . produced levels of sadness that were much greater than any other emotion,”

The 1979 boxing film starred Jon Voight as a fighter trying to get back custody of his son, a young Ricky Schroeder. The final scene is the ultimate tear jerker.

Check out the entire article right here for more information about the research, and just on the off chance you haven’t seen the ending to the film, I’ve posted it below.

Watch it again, and if you don’t cry, you officially have no soul.

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