Frank Darabont Was FIRED Off of “The Walking Dead”

Only a week after Frank Darabont appeared at San Diego Comic-Con to promote “The Walking Dead”, it was reported that he left the show. This left many fans completely dumbfounded and confused…why would someone like Darabont leave a hit show that he created?

Well, now WorstPreviews is reporting that some crew members were told by AMC that Darabont was actually fired, and the network waited for Comic-Con to pass in order to use the director to promote the show.

Before he left, the acclaimed director and producer gave some final notes on the show and sent some farewell e-mails to co-workers, but was cordial enough (even though I don’t think he should have been) to avoid the press.

According to an insider, AMC apparently made it very clear to all cast members not to talk about the situation:

“They’re scared…They’re on a zombie show. They are all really easy to kill off.”

So what do you think?  Does your opinion on the show change?  What about toward AMC and the higher-ups? 

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