Police Say Attackers Didn’t Know Gavin DeGraw

Three days after three men viciously attacked Gavin DeGraw, we are getting more information that just adds to the confusion…

According to the New York Daily News, police investigating the case believe DeGraw’s assailants had no idea that he was a platinum-selling singer, and robbery is not a suspected motive.

A source close to the singer tells Us Weekly,

“These guys jumped him from out of nowhere. It’s weird because they didn’t take anything, I think they did it for sport…Gavin is shocked and his family is devastated.”

DeGraw tweeted to fans about the incident on Tuesday, saying, that he doesn’t remember much.  He suffered a concussion, broken nose, black eyes, and cuts and bruises from the incident.  After stumbling off from the attack, he was then hit by a taxi.

DeGraw is now recuperating at his home in Manhattan.  He had to cancel two upcoming concerts next week in Wantagh, NY and Mansfield, MA, but hopes to be back on stage by the end of the month.

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