That’s Just Wrong

LOL: Kmart’s ‘Ship Your Pants’ Ad Is SO Out There Your Jaw Will Drop

Don't drink anything while watching this commercial. It may come out your nose. You won't believe the bizarre ad campaign that KMart has launched, an allusion to people... well... doing something in their pants. Now ask yourself - when was the last time ANYONE was talking about KMart being edgy and funny? Mission accomplished, advertisers!

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Lamborghini Driver Shows Off His Way Into An Accident

I don't know about you, but I'm REALLLLLLLY impressed when someone with a fast car REVS it and REVS it at a stop light! This guy was doing just that, prompting the people behind him to videotape what they expected to high speed peel out of the intersection. What they DIDN'T expect was to catch his stupid driving steering him right into an accident.