THAT’S JUST WRONG VIDEO:Miss Ohio Cites Pretty Woman As An Example Of Positive Portrayal Of Women In Film

During the infamous "Question" period of the Miss USA pageant, Ohio contestant Audrey Bolte was asked for a positive portayal of women on film. Her answer was a doozy.

During the infamous “Question” period of the  Miss USA pageant, Ohio contestant Audrey Bolte was asked  “Do you think women are depicted in movies and on television in an accurate and positive way? And please give us an example.”

Her example was a doozy. Yep, the prostitute played by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman was her example of a positive portrayal.

Here’s what she said:

I think it depends on the movie. I think there are some movies that depict women in a very positive role, and then some movies that put them in a little bit more of negative role. But by the end of the movie, they show that woman power that I know we all have. Such as movie Pretty Woman. We had a wonderful, beautiful woman, Julia Roberts, and she was having a rough time, but, you know what, she came out on top and she didn’t let anybody stand in her path.

What?!? I know the pressure is on these women as they compete for the title, but there’s little denying that this was a crash and burn. Not only in that the answer itself was not a good example of positive females on th ebig screen, but it also seems to feed a certain conception that pageant contestants are dreamers who look are looking to be princesses. (Pretty Woman, after all, is pretty much a fairy tale ‘Prince Charming’ story.)

I have been a judge for the Miss Georgia pageant system and had a completely positive experience, and I know that there are some amazing, smart women up on that stage, so I feel badly for Miss Ohio, and at the same time wish she had managed to do better than this.

The crown was eventually awarded to Miss Rhose Island.

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