HOLY #@&* CAUGHT ON TAPE: Sherri Shepherd Victim Of Crazy Prank On “To Tell The Truth”

Not only is Sherri Shepherd funny, talented and beautiful, she is also a VERY good sport!

In a recent episode of the revamped and relaunched classic game show “To Tell the Truth,” host Anthony Anderson explained how they were going to milk a live snake on the show… which means extracting the venom, not whatever other thing you may have been thinking you degenerate! ;P   But seriously… Anthony was the one handling the snake….and THIS is what happened… take a look!



Her clip instantly went viral with over 4 million views. Sherri later said she was so afraid her wig was going to fall off because she didn’t have it pinned down with a lot of pins. She also said that she didn’t talk to Anthony Anderson for a half hour afterwards because she was so mad. I would have peed my pants. No question.