SAY WHAT?!? VIDEO: This Guy Is No ‘Magic Mike.’

Someone is quite fond of their dance moves. So many questions. Among them... why, God, why???

Someone is quite fond of their dance moves. So many questions. Among them… why, God, why???


Is that Johnny Carson’s old curtain?

And is the tune he’s dancing to, “I’m a Beef Eater” an original song? (I tried Shazam and am led to believe that yes, it is.)

You know I try to be nice here, but there is a limit to how much I can bite my tongue in one day…

Try and avert your eyes, then marvel at how this video got made, uploaded, discovered, and now shared with the world. For fun, share it with someone who has no idea what’s coming. Then go have a drink and try and forget it. (DON’T WORRY… HE KEEPS HIS CLOTHES ON.)

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