Box Office Report-Weekend Of July 6th. Spidey slings into theaters!

Spider-Man crushes the competition for a huge 6 day opening week.

The 4th of July week is the only time of the summer that a film will come out during the week rather then the weekend. That movie was The Amazing Spider-man, and after its record breaking Tuesday opening Spidey came away with a 6 day domestic take of $140 million dollars.

Throw in its 2 week overseas total and the web slinger brought in a grand total of $341 million dollars. Expect a sequel to be greenlit as soon as humanly possible.

All that said, it’s not a record breaker – The Amazing Spider Man comes in about $15 million shy of the $155 Million made by Transformers in 2007.

Seth Macfarlane’s Ted Finishes in 2nd with $32.6 million dollars, bringing the raunchy comedy at a nearly two week total of $120.2 million.  Disney/Pixar’s Brave fell to 3rd with 20.2 million dollars, but is still expected to take in over $200 million, considering it has made $185 million after three weeks.

The newest box office additions didn’t make it into the top 3, but Oliver Stone’s Savages did gross 16.2 million making it’s way into the top 5 with a fourth place finish.

The irony here is that Universal Pictures lost its audience to its own movie, according to Vulture, theaters that were showing Ted did not want to take showtimes away from the hit comedy and give them to Savages (also a universal release). This forced the wide release of Savages to go from over 3,300 theaters to just 2,600 theaters. You have to wonder why the two were released so close together.

Katy Perry’s concert documentary called Katy Perry: Part Of Me, underperformed at the box office with an eighth place finish and just $7.2 million dollars. The finish is less then other concert films, including Justin Bieber: Never Say Never which took in $29 million on its opening weekend last year. I’m thinking both Perry and Oliver Stone will have much better box office takes this week.

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