We all know that George Clooney has a tendency to bring the wild side out of his friends.  Well, if you’re at his Italian villa, that including some skinny dipping in the lake!

According to Access Hollywood, George said at his THE IDES OF MARCH premiere that he has a lost list of friends and newscasters who have jumped into Lake Como:

“I got Charlie Rose to jump in the water too…Once, I got Walter Cronkite jump in the lake a long time ago, so now once you get Walter Conkrite, you get all these classy journalists to jump in the lake now.”

That little nugget of info comes after Marisa Tomei said on Conan that Rose and Cronkite weren’t the only ones who jumped in:

“George kind of… we would up all skinny dipping, let’s just cut to the chase!”

Tomei says that she, Rose and Evan Rachel Wood were inspired by Conkrite’s fully dressed cannonball, and wanted to top it!

“George said, ‘Walter Conkrite was here, when Conkrite was here he jumped in the lake! And he did it on the second night. Now, we’re here on the first night, we’re having wine, we’re having a beautiful dinner.’ So, he throws the gauntlet down. ‘Are you guys going to jump in the lake on the first night? Are you gonna top Conkrite?’  [Conkrite] jumped in in full tux…So, the only way too really top that was to go the whole other way!”

Damn you, George.  Damn you…