George Clooney

New Photo Trend Isn’t So New: Turtling.

Everything that's old becomes new again... even in celebrity photography! Look no further than George Clooney on March’s issue of Esquire and "The Artist" actor Jean Dujardin on last month’s issue GQ Russia. But wait... that looks familiar...

COOL PIX: Anatomy Of An Icon.

As part of a Fine Arts workshop that took on the theme of icons, Swedish artist George Chamoun used computers (But NO morphing techniques) to merge two different celebrities from two different eras into portrait collages. He calls the series Iconatomy.

George Clooney Malaria Scare.

In creepy news, George Clooney got malaria. AGAIN!  The new, oddly enough, was broken by Piers Morgan on his Twitter page.   In a statement...