Clooney’s Girlfriend Shocked by No Marriage Statement in Interview!

-by Mike Finkelstein

So remember when George Clooney had an interview with Piers Morgan on his new CNN show, and told the world that he definitely does NOT want to get married again?  Well he apparently forgot to mention that to his longtime girlfriend…

According to PopEater, a friend of Elisabetta Canalis was shocked when she heard that on the interview:

“Elisabetta had no idea he was going to say that…She thought she was going to be the girl who would finally get George to settle down and put a ring on it. She was totally surprised.”

Even Clooney’s own father, Nick, who was in the same interview, was trying to get his son to reconsider, saying,

“I want you to think about that. I want you to think about … we’ve been married … Nina [George’s mom] and I’ve been married 51 years.”

Friends tell PopEater that no matter what Clooney might say in public, Elisabetta won’t take no for an answer:

“If he doesn’t ask her to marry him soon she will ask him…And if he says no, well there are plenty more fish in the ocean.”

Well this’ll be interesting…

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