VIDEO: Web Cams For Seniors, Part II

A few weeks ago, we had a video for you of two seniors trying to figure out how to use a webcam. Well now, we have yet another classic to add to your viral video library!

86-year-old Bruce Huffman and 79-year-old Esther Huffman of the Hillside Retirement Community in McMinnville, Oregon, recently bought their first laptop computer. When they tried to use their webcam for the first time after their granddaughter tried to explain it all, the video below became the result.

Take a look below, and wonder if your grandparents are still that feisty (you’ll see what I mean…)

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  • This is really the truth!!!! When i first learned to e-mail i thought i could go out and get a job as an executive.I bet by now they’ve mastered the machine.Gray power on the move!!!!!!

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