You really can’t change the channel today without seeing the big news of the week: Muammar Gaddafi was captured and killed.  Yet, if you were a fan of the short-lived 1987 sitcom, “Second Chance”, you knew it was coming all along!

Let me explain…a YouTube clip of the first six minutes of “Second Chance” is making it’s way around the web today.  It features show star Joseph Maher as St. Peter in heaven, guiding souls to either heaven or hell.  The second soul he guides is Gaddafi.  And even more ridiculously, the date is listed as July 29th, 2011!

While it isn’t the exact date, it’s amazing to think that the show was off with its prediction by less than three months!

Check out the video below to see the opening (oh, and also a very young Matthew Perry as the younger version of the guy who gets to live his life over).  The show was cancelled after one season.