Sugarland Being Sued Over Indiana Stage Collapse

The band, Sugarland, is in a legal battle this morning, after 44 victims of August’s stage collapse have decided to sue.

According to E! Online, the complaint, filed in Marion Superior Court in Indianapolis, accuses Sugarland, Live Nation, ESG Security, the stagehands’ union, and other companies of failing to ensure a safe environment for concertgoers that contributed to the tragedy.

On August 13, massive gusts of wind caused the outdoor stage at the fairgrounds to topple over onto the front rows, killing seven people and injuring over 45. The court papers accuse both the band and producers of failing to pay attention to weather reports and pull the plug on the show before things went wrong.

Among the plaintiffs are the estates representing four of the people who died.

The members of Sugarland hadn’t yet taken the stage, and were not hurt.

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