VIDEO: Canadian Super Group Releases New Rap About Bill Murray

Yeah you read that right.

Yeah you read that right.

Bill Murray seems to be one of the most convoluted celebrities in existence.  On one hand, he has supposedly sent back scripts to his friends in shreds, and is (again, supposedly) cocky as hell.  On the other hand, he’ll drop into random karaoke parties and do amazing cameos like the one he did in ZOMBIELAND.

So if you’re going to write a rap song about someone, why not let it be such a crazy guy?

Sweatshop Union, a supergroup of Canadian rap acts, did just that.  They have a new single out, simply titled “Bill Murray.”  And yes, it is exactly what you think it is.

Lyrics include:

“You’ll never wake up and be/Half the man me and Bill is/Was then and still is/Hands down the billest”

Oh yeah, and

“There really ain’t another one/Grand like your mother’s mum/Chill, you ain’t like Murray, Bill/More like O’Reilly/So try me.”

Check out the ridiculous music video below, which features a guy wearing a very creepy Murray mask, doing many different…activities?


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