Paranormal Activity 4 continues the franchise's first week dominance at the Box Office.

For two straight Halloweens PARANORMAL ACTIVITY has won the box office big time, and the fourth film in the franchise is scaring audiences silly – if the box office is any indication.  The thriller took in $30 million  in domestic box office and $26.5 million  overseas (the highest foreign debut for the franchise). PA 4 cost $5 million dollars to make which means a 5th film has already been green lit by the studio for next Halloween as well as a Latino spin-off set to hit theaters in the following spring.

Ben Affleck’s Oscar buzzed ARGO comes in second place with $16 million dollars, giving it a domestic box office of $43 million. TAKEN 2 has reached that $100 million domestic box office plateau while being one week away from $300 million worldwide. Both TAKEN 2 and HOTEL TRANSLYVANIA  took in just over $13 million over the weekend. Coming in 5th was Tyler Perry starring in ALEX CROSS, taking over the role from Morgan Freeman as a prequel to Freeman’s KISS THE GIRLS and ALONG CAME A SPIDER. CROSS earned poor reviews according to it’s 13% positive on Rotten Tomatoes, and only earned $11.8 million. Since the film cost just over $35 million to make, ALEX CROSS will likely still become profitable over the next few weeks.

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