BOX OFFICE REPORT: Week Ending May 28th, 2012. Men In Black Pass The Avengers

The Avengers Reign Is Over, as Men In Black 3 bursts into first.

The Avengers Reign Is Over, as Men In Black 3 bursts into first.

                 It took Will Smith and the sylish “Men In Black “to take down Joss Whedon and the heroes of “The Avengers”.  “Men in Black 3” adds Josh Brolin to the fold in the third installment of the MIB series. The first film, which was released in 1997 took in over $300 million dollars and premiered to rave reviews. In 2002 the films sequel released to not such rave reviews and made $235 million dollars on a much larger budget. “Men In Black 3” manages to make $55 million this weekend and $132 million overseas and should reach the $200 million plateu by the end of the long weekend.

                While this was good enough for first it does not exceed expectations of a much larger domestic take for a movie that cost $230 million to make, not counting a very large marketing campaign. “MIB 3” will still most likely make back its budget and become a productive source of income for Columbia and Sony.

                As for “the Avengers”, they came in second with $37 million dollars this weekend becoming the 4th film to ever cross the half a billion dollars in the states with $514 million in the US. “The Avengers” is within $10 million dollars of passing the Dark Knight on the all time list in the US but may not be able to pass #2 Titanic at $658.5 Million and #1 Avatar at $760.5 Million Dollars.

                Universal’s bomb “Battleship” came in third with a measly $10.8 million dollars giving it $44.3 million total. “The Dictator” comes in 4th with $9.6 million getting it above $41 million dollars so far.

                Rounding up the top 5 is Warner Bros. horror film from “Paranormal Activity” creator Oren Peli “Chernobyl Diaries” with an $8 million dollar opening.

                With “The Avengers” finally being displaced on the top of the box office and “Men in Black 3” becoming the only other notable top box office winner so far this summer we look to see what kind of crowds the dark take on the  fairytale “Snow White and The Huntsman” will turn in as that is set to release next friday.

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