Well That Didn’t Take Long…2 More James Bond Movies Are In The Works

What else is new!! More updates about the future of the James Bond Franchise.

I don’t think the fact that there have been plenty of stories about the future of the James Bond franchise the last few days has been a coincidence. SKYFALL hits theaters in a few short weeks, we are already talking about the future of the character and most recently how producers are eyeballing Christopher Nolan to take over the franchise if Sam Mendes decides to not sign on for a another film.

Now we have important news about the real immediate future of the franchise. SKYFALL writer John Logan has been signed on to write the next two films in the series. Neither film has a title so lets call them JAMES BOND 24 and JAMES BOND 25 (for those playing the home game, yes we are 23 films in to the franchise.) We now know that 24 and 25 will have the same story and not be based on previous stories written by Ian Flemming. JAMES BOND 24 looks to be going into production in the fall for a 2014 release, no matter how SKYFALL does in the box office. We also know that EON Productions has said that they intend on releasing Bond movies more regularly, approximately every 2 years so you can expect JAMES BOND 25 to hit theaters around 2016. Of course all of this might not mean much since we don’t know who will be playing the lead role and who will be directing, but thing’s should clear up over the next few months.

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