Box Office Report-Deja Vu For TWILIGHT and SKYFALL, Newcomers Fall Short

TWILIGHT and SKYFALL win the box office again, while two newcomers fell flat.

It’s been a few weeks since TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN PART 2 hit theaters, but the box office darling continues to bring in the cash.

This week, the final part of the TWILIGHT series took in another 17.4 million, bringing it’s grand total to just over $700 million. Coming in second, AGAIN was SKYFALL, which took in another $16.6 million this weekend. SKYFALL could end up with has much as $300 million at the domestic box office.

A tie at third, brought Steven Spielberg’s LINCOLN and Dreamworks Animation’s holiday super-hero film RISE OF THE GUARDIANS both brought in $13.4 million. LINCOLN has now earned $83 million and GUARDIANS has reached just under $50 million dollars. We had two newcomers this week and neither did very well at the box office. 

On the losing side, Brad Pitt’s new mob drama, KILLING THEM SOFTLY, underperformed drastically at the box office, coming in 7th with just $6.8 million and the horror movie sequel THE COLLECTION also under performed coming in tenth with a lousy $3.1 million.

Don’t expect a whole lot of change at the box office this upcoming weekend but consider it the last week of dominance for TWILIGHT and SKYFALL, with THE HOBBIT and ZERO DARK THIRTY hitting theaters between the 14th and the 19th of December.

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